We provide a mixture of play and learning to satisfy different developmental needs of toddlers.  This helps them get ready to go off to Nursery or School and to get used to being with other children without their parents, whilst having fun and being with friendly, caring and enthusiastic people.

Arts & Crafts

Your child can explore their creative side and learn all about the wonders of sticking and gluing. Your child will use a wide range of materials that will give them a good start to the basic skills involved in becoming a budding Picasso. We only use excellent quality washable paints and pens and of course overalls – just in case!

Story & Song Time

To promote imagination and develop listening skills, group participation and sharing of instruments.

We also have a quiet area with cushions, soft toys and books for when your child wants to take a break from all the hullabaloo.

Toddler Gym

We provide the opportunity to improve their physical dexterity by climbing, running and learning some fun new skills like balancing bean bags, spider walking, negotiating cones, waiting in turn, basic safety skills among other activities, all within a safe environment.

Puzzles, Games and Role Play

To encourage manual dexterity, logic skills and playing together one 2 one or in small groups.

Sand & Water

Tactile play such as sand, water and ‘things in our environment’ enables your child to discover for themselves what different types of substances do and what they feel like.


The basic skills about food and cooking – but it’s got to be fun and often messy – what we make may even make it home!

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